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Nowy Inc

For Traveler

With Nowy, you can book the places that you are seeing Right Now with direct booking and also get varieties of locations details and travel tips from the people you trust.

Have you struggled to find no ideas where is the place from the nice picture that inspired you?

With Nowy, you can easily find inspired places, create your own map, and save your own routes to follow your track. You can see exactly where you are while on the trip!

Have you ever thought about getting paid while sharing your travel story?

By snapping your pictures and captions, you can monetize your trip and earn cash rewards from Nowy's affiliate revenue from the bookings attached to your posts.

Don't break your bank account
while chasing your
dream trip.

Plan an affordable travel trip and activities that work within your perfect budget with Nowy's inspired price range and types of activities.

Don’t go on a trip. Go on your trip. Save your own route so always head in your direction

Just by clicks, you can simply plan, save, and share your route anytime and spot your live location following your ideal perfect track.

No journeys are identical. Your unique memories belong to no one but yourself.

Attach your amazing moments to your life journey that tells your travel stories itself.

Nowy postcards preserve your unique memories from all your journeys.

The special moments, the amount of exploration, the living wild, the great adventure, and the outstanding beauty are all in this little postcard you share with your loved ones.

Explore, Discover, and Get Inspired

Discover your nearby gems and Nowy map offers you all these travel places with unique filters of Travel Types, Budget Ranges, Rating Scores, and unique Groups of Travelers, all with 1 Click for your next dream trip.

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